Roofing Glossary

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Asphalt used to impregnate an organic felt base material.

Saturated felt
An asphalt-impregnated felt used as an underlayment between the deck and the roofing material.

Self-sealing cement
A thermal-sealing tab cement built into the shingle to firmly cement the shingles together automatically after they have been applied properly and exposed to warm sun temperatures. In warm seasons, the seal will be complete in a matter of days. In colder seasons, sealing time depends on the temperature and amount of direct sunlight hitting the shingles. Hand sealing with cement should be done to ensure sealing in winter.

Self-sealing shingles
Shingles containing factory-applied strips or spots of self-sealing adhesive.

Self-sealing strip or spot
Factory-applied adhesive that bonds shingle courses together when exposed to the heat of the sun after application.

That portion of roll roofing overlapped by the succeeding course to obtain double coverage.

Slight differences in shingle color that may occur as a result of normal manufacturing operations.

Exterior-grade boards used as a roof deck material.

Shed roof
A roof containing only one sloping plane. Has no hips, ridges, valleys or gables.

Single coverage
Asphalt roofing that provides one layer of roofing material over the deck.

The degree of roof incline expressed as the ratio of the rise, in inches, to the run, in feet.

Smooth-surfaced roofing
Roll roofing that is covered with ground talc or mica instead of granules (coated).

Soil stack
A vent pipe that penetrates the roof.

The horizontal distance from eaves to eaves.

Specialty eaves flashing membrane
A self-adhering, waterproofing shingle underlayment designed to protect against water infiltration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain.

Square-tab shingles
Shingles on which tabs are all the same size and exposure.

Steep-slope application (Mansard)
Method of installing asphalt shingles on roof slopes greater than 21 inches per foot.

Step flashing
Flashing application method used where a vertical surface meets a sloping roof plane.

Strip shingles
A single-layer shingle commonly known as a three-tab shingle because it has three tabs.